Emerge Maryland

What Is Emerge?

Part of Emerge America, Emerge Maryland is the quintessential political leadership training program for Democratic women. We are the tenth state within the Emerge framework and as with our national organization, we address the systemic underrepresentation of women in office, but we do it at the local and state levels. In so doing, we feed the pipeline for future women leaders of the country. Click here to find out more about Emerge America.

Our mission is to identify, educate, and inspire Democratic women who want to shape the course of our collective future by pursuing a career in Maryland politics. To this end, we cultivate future leaders by developing their media skills, expanding their local-issue knowledge base, connecting them with mentors, and piquing their political savvy. As the only in-depth, seven-month training program, we give women across the state top-notch training and a powerful political network. If you have a passion for politics and want to run for office, Emerge Maryland is therefore the elemental first-step to achieving this goal. We inspire women to run and we provide them with the tools to win.

Why Emerge Maryland?

Although Maryland ranks 8th in the nation for the number of women elected to the state legislature, there is much room for improvement. We hold only 11 of the 47 Senate seats and only 47 of the 141 seats in the House of Delegates, for a 30.9% rate of representation. Out of eight seats, we have only one female member of Congress. It's equally dismal at the local level: of the eleven cities in Maryland with populations over 30,000, only two are led by women mayors.

Our numbers are declining and we can no longer sit back and allow this to continue. In order to solve this imperative problem, we need to identify why this is happening and take action to force change.

Clearly we are on a slippery slope. Yet the problem of women's political underrepresentation will fundamentally and ultimately be for women to solve. The newest state in our Emerge network as of February 2012, Emerge Maryland was founded to fill this vacuum and create a legion of Democratic women leaders for generations to come.

From the Eastern Shore to Western Maryland, with your help we can train women from all over the state to run for office - and thereby launch the new face of leadership in Maryland politics.

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