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Oct 17 2017

The following is an expanded version of the second item from my "Albany Insider" column that ran in Monday's print editions:

As she seeks to become the first woman to lead the state Senate, Democratic Sen. Andrea Stewart-Cousins has begun traveling the state in hopes of energizing females and minorities to get involved in the political process heading into 2018.

New York Daily News
Oct 17 2017

Everywhere I go, I meet women and girls who are passionate about politics. Maybe you’re one of them – you obsess over policy issues; you have your senators’ phone numbers memorized. Or maybe you’ve never been all that interested in politics before, but you watch the news these days and think, “I need to do more.”

To any woman who has ever asked, “How can I have an impact?,” consider this: Run for office.

Oct 17 2017

Almost a year after Donald Trump’s election to the Oval Office, Democrats continue to tout what they see as a silver lining of his victory: record numbers of women deciding to run for office.

Oct 17 2017

Want to run for office or simply get more involved in the political sphere? These five candidate training programs across the country will help you take the lead and get a leg up on the competition.

1) Emerge America

Six-month program for Democratic women. 150 of 213 Emerge women on the ballot in 2016 won!


Marie Claire
Oct 17 2017

Research shows that women don't like to ask for money. Even Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) hates it: “It’s my least favorite part of the job by about 10 miles,” she told MC. “I’d rather have Donald Trump give me a root canal.” But fundraising is something no candidate can avoid, so we asked Emerge America, which has trained 2,500 women to run, for tips to help you swallow your fear.

Marie Claire
Sep 6 2017

In late June, nearly eight months after her head-turning loss to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton tweeted some of the more hopeful news to emerge for progressives in 2017: EMILY's List, the best known and longest running political organization dedicated to electing Democratic women, had seen an astounding 15,000 women reach out to them about running for office since Election Day, with another 7,000 offering to assist those who do run.

Rolling Stone
Aug 10 2017

After decades of getting out-organized and outspent in battles to control state legislatures, Democratic strategists have woken up to the importance of defending against Republican gains at the grass roots.

The anger and fear provoked by the advent of President Trump have led to explosive growth for progressive advocacy groups determined to oppose the president’s agenda and, crucially, to elect Democrats to local office — groups like Indivisible, Run for Something, Emerge America and Color of Change.

The New York Times

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Oct 16 2017

Emerge New York Executive Director Job Description

The Opportunity

Aug 24 2017
Emerge America and the Emerge affiliates share one mission: To increase the number of Democratic women leaders from diverse backgrounds in public office through recruitment, training, and providing a powerful network. Our vision: To change the face of power, politics, and leadership in this country in order to have policies that are responsive to all. 
As the national umbrella organization, Emerge America’s role is to:
Aug 2 2017

Jobs and Internship Opportunities


Emerge America Chief of Staff: San Francisco, California, USA

Jun 1 2017

Emerge Alabama Logo (Hi-Res)small.jpg

 Job Announcement:

Executive Director of Emerge Alabama

May 30 2017
About Emerge America 
May 15 2017

Hillary Clinton is back in action. She’s launched a new organization, OnwardTogether, dedicated to advancing her progressive vision for this country and strengthening our democracy.


Apr 17 2017



Summer 2017 Communications Internship

If you are enthusiastic about the advancement of women in politics, then this is the internship for you! At Emerge, you will be an important member of a national network that is transforming the face of American politics.

Who We Are

Apr 7 2017

Emerge America’s Summer Internship Program (San Francisco Office)



Press Releases

Oct 17 2017

Emerge New York Launches as Premier Candidate Training Program for Democratic Women

October 17, 2017

May 17 2017


Emerge America Women Win Big in Pennsylvania and Oregon

May 17, 2017

May 11 2017

Washington, D.C.—In 2017, Emerge America alumnae across the country have already stepped up to lead the resistance against Trump and take back our country—22 of the 27 Emerge America alumnae who have appeared on the ballot so far this year have won their races.

Apr 7 2017

Washington, D.C.—On Tuesday, Emerge America alumnae resisted, persisted and enlisted in races in Wisconsin and Colorado, where 15 of the 17 Emerge women on the ballot won 

“This is what resistance looks like,” said Andrea Steele, Founder and President of Emerge America. “Hillary Clinton inspired these women to join the political process; Donald Trump’s antics and actions spurred them to take action; and Emerge trained and enabled them to win. These winning women are proof of how we can take back our country.”

Nov 16 2016

San Francisco, Calif.—Today, Emerge America, the nation’s leading organization that recruits and trains Democratic women to run for office held their annual Ambition to Action Conference and Awards Ceremony at the Julia Morgan Ballroom in the Merchants Exchange Building in San Francisco. The event took stock of the landscape for women in politics after Hillary Clinton’s historic loss in the November election and strategized about the work left to do in 2018 and 2020 to move closer to gender parity in our governing bodies.

Nov 9 2016

Despite Hillary Clinton's historic upset at the top of the ticket, voters across the country elected almost 150 Emerge women in down ballot races. Her loss should not be seen as a sign that the American public is not willing to vote for women. Emerge candidates won in red states and blue states showing that when Democratic women run, they win at similar rates to their male counterparts.                                     

Emerge America's Webinars

Emerge Webinar Series: Dr. Jennifer L. Lawless discusses her brand new report

Dr. Jennifer L. Lawless, a national leader and researcher on women and politics, is the Director of the Women & Politics Institute at American University.

Dr. Lawless discussed her brand new report, Men Rule: The Continued Under-Representation of Women in U.S. Politics. The study, which was co-written with Richard L. Fox, takes a hard look at the substantial gender gap in political ambition that exists today in the United States. They conclude that when women do run for public office, they are just as likely as their male counterparts to win their races.

How and When Do I Respond? The Art of Messaging in Politic Life.
Each day we are barraged with information, news stories and headlines. How can we create the headlines consistent with our values? How can we support national messages around 'hot' topics like choice, reproductive freedom and women's rights? Join us for an informative discussion that shares key resources, strategies and approaches to messaging.
Ted Miller
Director of Communications and Online Advocacy Strategies
NARAL Pro-Choice America
Eric Sapp
Founding Partner of the Eleison Group and
Consultant to Media Matters Action Network
Wendy Strout
Executive Director
Emerge Wisconsin
The Truth About Voting Rights: Why We Must Protect This Fundamental Right
In the last year, a wave of new legislation has passed around the country that has made it harder for eligible Democratic voters to cast their ballots. As a result, millions of citizens will find it more difficult to participate in the 2012 election.
We invite you to join us to learn cutting edge information on:
-The newest social science evidence of voter fraud 
-The country's current landscape for voter identification rules at the polls 
-Voter suppression and how they affect the young, low income, elderly, and communities of color
Emilio De Torre
Director of Youth and Programs
ACLU of Wisconsin
Anita Johnson
Citizen Action of Wisconsin Fund
Dr. Lorraine C. Minnite
Author of The Myth of Voter Fraud
Associate Professor
Department of Public Policy and Administration
Rutgers University-Camden
Elizabeth Sawyer
Executive Director
Emerge Kentucky
Equal Means Equal: The ERA Education Project
"Women's equality is the global civil rights issue of the 21st century.  Without the legal basis for equality, all the rest of our work amounts to building skyscrapers on quicksand."  
- Kamala Lopez, Founder and Executive Director of The ERA Education Project
More than 75% of us think men and women have equal rights under the law, while 96% of us think we should.  But we don't.
The ERA Education Project is a multi-platform national media campaign to raise 
awareness about and educate the public on the need for full federal equality for women. Join Kamala Lopez and Bettina Hager as we explore the groundbreaking work of the organization and why it's important, as well as what has been achieved so far and our next steps together in the battle for equality.
Kamala Lopez
Founder and Executive Director
The ERA Education Project
Bettina Hager
The ERA Task Force
Moderated by:
Reena Szczepanski
Executive Director
Emerge New Mexico
Strategies for Online Engagement
A Primer for Candidates, Electeds and Activists
Are you planning to:
  • Run for office?
  • Support a candidate running for office?
  • Drive support behind an issue campaign?  
If so, we encourage you to watch this webinar presentation on: 
Campaigning Online, Growing your Online Presence, and  Blogging for Impact
Featuring award-winning new media innovator and writer
Sarah Granger (Emerge CA 2005)
Please join us for an informative look at the pivotal role played by digital media strategies in campaigns that win. Learn about best practices that can help you drive the message behind your candidate or cause and inspire your online audience to amplify that message for you. 
Founder, PublicEdge
Partner, Women's Campaign Consortium
Moderated by:
Executive Director, Emerge Oregon
Sarah Granger is an award-winning Democratic new media strategist and blogger. She directed the launch of the “first true weblog to be put up by a politician,” according to Wired News and political analysts, while directing Internet strategy for Senator Gary Hart's 2004 U.S. presidential exploratory organization. Sarah currently blogs for The San Francisco Chronicle at, The Huffington Post and BlogHer. Other publishing credits include, techPresident, Forbes Russia,,, and Spectrum magazine, where she covered the Democratic National Convention and the White House. She has appeared on Good Morning America, CBS, MTV Japan, RT, ABC and NPR.

Due to technical error, the first three minutes of the webinar recording were interrupted, during which time Sarah Granger was introduced and her background given. We are therefore including as a pdf attachment Sarah Granger's biography. We apologize for the inconvenience, and encourage you to read more about Sarah's extensive professional experience.

Online Engagement Strategies by Sarah Grainger, Sarah Granger Biography.pdf

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Have you thought about putting your name on the ballot? Learn about the Emerge program and why you should run!

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