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Feb 13 2018

The morning of Nov. 9, 2016, found Kate Ranta sobbing under her quilt. She had taken to bed in her modest Alexandria, Va., apartment the night before, when it became clear which way the presidential election was going. Now, furious and heartbroken, she could not bring herself to get up.

The Washington Post
Jan 31 2018

Watching last night’s State of the Union address it would be easy to think that the state of women in the United States is weak. Looking at President Donald Trump flanked by white men on each side and at his cabinet seated in the first row, hearing little acknowledgement of women’s rights and power, it would be easy to forget that there is a movement building its momentum all across the U.S. right now that will bring with it drastic change: women are fighting back.

Jan 22 2018
Jan 22 2018

A year ago, millions of women gathered around the world for the Women’s March, rallying for women’s rights and protesting President Trump’s inauguration. One year later, as organizers plan anniversary events, we look at how women are stepping into the political arena and what their goals are.


Dec 13 2017

To women like Jessica Morse who are running for office for the first time, the good news isn’t just that Democrat Doug Jones won Alabama’s special election for the U.S. Senate this week; it’s that Republican Roy Moore lost.

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