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Help Emerge America spread the word about #WhySheRuns and why we need more women running for office! Post the below graphics to your social media channels with the hashtag #WhySheRuns to show you support women running for office and understand we need to see more women in our decision-making bodies. Feel free to use our sample posts or write your own!

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Govt should accurately reflect the communities they represent. When more women run, more women win.  

Calling all current or former female candidates for office: Make a short video explaining why you ran!  


Ever thought about running for office? Sign up here and learn how you can take the next step!



The U.S. needs more women to run for office at every level. Why not ask a woman you know? Nominate here: 


Did you know? Female candidates can harness the vast voting power of women. Ask a woman you know to run: 


There are only 104 women in Congress out of 535 (19.4%): 20 women (20%) in the Senate, & 84 women (19.3%) in the House. 


 To change this, we must build from the ground up by more electing women to school boards, city councils and state leg seats. 


 One of the 18 is  alumna , who serves as mayor of Oakland.  Who will help us get to 19?


The voices of women of color are desperately needed in government!


must have an equal say in our legislative process. It's on all of us to support and encourage more of them to run.



If you think these numbers are too low, encourage a woman of color you know to run for office. She might be the leader we need!


Why She Runs

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