Bring Emerge to Your State

Emerge America’s long-term expansion goal is to launch programs in 50 states, with multiple Emerge programs in states whose geography merits that type of presence.

While our program and curriculum are national, our state programs are all independent organizations that operate our nationally branded curriculum on a local level, in their own states and with their own trainers. Because Emerge America is the national umbrella organization for this network of states, it is critical that we develop local buy-in from the top women electeds, political leaders, opinion leaders, union leaders, and activists in the state so that the affiliate is truly community-based and welcomed in that state.

To that end, we build a comprehensive list of all the relevant players in that state and conduct face-to-face and phone meetings to make sure we are aware of all political factions and particular groups we need to include as the Emerge state develops, either on the board of directors or advisory board, as recruiting partners, as trainers, or as donors.

If you are interested in bringing Emerge to your state please email for more information.

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