2016 Emerge Candidates

2016 Emerge Candidates
(330 women as of October 2016)

Bolded indicates candidates for the State House (113) or Senate (28) and U.S. Congress (5)
*indicates diverse Emerge candidates (122)

Emerge Arizona
Alexandra Arboleda — Central Arizona Project Water Conservation District
Karla Brewster — Flagstaff City Council
Jeanne Casteen — Creighton Elementary School Governing Board
Andrea Dalessandro — State Senate, District 2
Kristel Ann Foster — Tucson Unified School Board
Iisha Graves — State House, District 13
Katie Hobbs — State Senate, District 24
Tonya Macbeth — State Senate, District 15

Jennifer Pawlik — State House, District 17
Pamela Powers — State House, District 9
Celeste Plumlee — State House, District 26
Kathleen Rahn — State House, District 25
*Athena Salman — State House, District 26

Beth Weisser — State House, District 5

Emerge California
Kathleen Anderson — San Francisco Democratic Central Committee
*London Breed — San Francisco Board of Supervisors, District 5
*Tonya Burke — Mayor of Perris
*Desrie Campbell — Fremont Unified School District Board
*Amber Childress — Alameda County School Board
*Letitia Clark — Tustin City Council
*Malia Cohen — San Francisco Democratic Central Committee
*Thida Cornes — Mountain View City Council
*Gina Cuclis — Sonoma County Board of Education
*Brigitte Davila — San Francisco Democratic Central Committee
*Zoe Dunning — SF County Democratic Central Committee
Elizabeth Echols — Alameda County Democratic Central Committee
Yvette Edidin — Los Angeles Democratic Central Committee
*Mara Elliott — San Diego City Attorney
Heidi Emberling — Palo Alto School Board
*Denise Fleming — Moreno Valley Unified School District Board
*AngelAnn Flores — San Joaquin Board of Supervisors
Erin Fogg — Monterey Democratic Central Committee
Dallas Fowler — Los Angeles Democratic Central Committee
*Margaret Fujioka — Alameda Superior Court
Emilie Gatfield — Santa Clara County Democratic Central Committee
Regina Gage — Monterey Democratic Central Committee
*Lisa Gauthier — East Palo Alto City Council
*Darcie Green — State Assembly, District 27
*Beverly Greene — Alameda Democratic Central Committee
*Pratima Gupta — SF County Democratic Central Committee
Sophie Hahn — Berkeley City Council
Heidi Hall — Nevada County Board of Supervisors, District 1
Erin Hannigan — Solano County Board of Supervisors
*Nichelle Henderson — Los Angeles Democratic Central Committee
*Wendy Ho — San Jose/Evergreen College District Board of Trustees
Brigette Hunley — Solano County Democratic Central Committee
*Susan Jerich — Los Angeles Superior Court
Mary Jung — San Francisco Democratic Central Committee
*Farrah Khan — Irvine City Council
Tracy Krumpen — Napa Democratic Central Committee
*Beatriz Leyva-Cutler — Berkeley School Board
Elizabeth Linnerman — San Joaquin Democratic Central Committee
*Virginia Madueno — State Assembly, District 12
*Elisa Marquez — Hayward City Council
*Myrna Melgar — San Francisco Democratic Central Committee
Anne Molander — Sacramento County Democratic Central Committee

*Emily Murase — San Francisco Democratic Central Committee
Rachel Norton — San Francisco School Board
Pamela O’Leary — San Mateo Democratic Central Committee
Carlyn Obringer — Concord City Council
*Rochelle Pardue-Okimoto — El Cerrito City Council
*Marjan Philhour — San Francisco Board of Supervisors, District 1
*Leah Pimentel — San Francisco Democratic Central Committee
*Belia-Eugenia Ramos-Bennett — Napa County Board of Supervisors
*Rhodesia Ransom — Tracy City Council
Katie Ricklefs — Solano County Democratic Central Committee
*Tisa Rodriguez — Riverside Democratic Central Committee
Alix Rosenthal — San Francisco Democratic Central Committee
*Rebecca Saltzman — BART Board of Directors
*Lateefah Simon — BART Board of Directors
Nancy Smith — Sunnyvale City Council
*Zephanii Smith — San Joaquin Delta College Board
Gladys Soto — San Francisco Democratic Central Committee Jeanette Vazquez — Fullerton School Board
Vicki Veenker — State Assembly, District 24
*Malia Vella — Alameda City Council
*Annette Walker — Hayward Unified School District Board
Karen Weinstein — Alameda Democratic Central Committee
Katherine Welch — State Senate, District 7
Jessica Wethington McLean — Los Angeles Democratic Central Committee
*Shanell Williams — San Francisco Community College Board
*Monica E. Wilson — Contra Costa Board of Supervisors
*Lori Wilson — Suisun City Council
*Sabina Zafar — San Ramon City Council
Shirlee Zane — Sonoma County Board of Supervisors

Emerge Colorado
*Erin Bennett — State Senate, District 31
Jessie Danielson — State House, District 24
*Daneya Esgar — State House, District 46
*Angelique Espinoza — State House, District 10
Michele Fry — State House, District 7
Maria Gonzalez — State House, District 32
Kathy Chandler Henry — Eagle County Commissioner
*Leslie Herod — State House, District 8
Jennifer Hope – State House, District 25
Dafna Michaelson Jenet — State House, District 30
*Dominique Jackson — State House, District 42
*Naquetta Ricks — State House, District 42
Tami Story — State House, District 25
*Michele Wheeler — State House, District 7
Faith Winter — State House, District 35
Sheri Zabel — State House, District 16

Emerge Kentucky
*Tobie C. Brown — State House, District 55
McKenzie Cantrell — State House, District 38
Tiffany Carlson — Marshall County School Board
*Beverly Chester-Burton — Shively City Council
Morgan Eaves — Richmond City Commission
*Angela Evans — Lexington-Fayette Urban County Council
Cindi Fowler — Louisville Metro Council
Julia Gordon — Daviess County Family Court Judge
Joy Gray — State House, District 7
Brandi Harless — Mayor of Paducah
Deanna Henschel — McCracken County Family Court
Sarah Holland — Paducah City Commission
Nancy Jo Kemper — US Congress, District 6
Janice Odom — State Senate, District 9

Kathy Plomin — Lexington-Fayette Urban County Council, District 12
Cyndi Powell-Skellie — State House, District 58
*Attica Woodson Scott — State House, District 41
Pamela Sigler — State House, District 45
Rita Smart — State House, District 81
Julie Smith-Morrow — Newport Board of Education
Maria Sorolis — State House, District 48

Kathryn Thomas — District Court Judge
*Michelle A. Williams — Covington City Commission

Emerge Maine
*Kaiulani Anderson-Andrei — Portland School Board, At-Large
Shenna Bellows — State Senate, District 14
Heidi Brooks — State House, District 61
Matthea Daughtry — State House, District 66
Laurie Davis — Portland School Board Re-elect
Diane Denk — State House, District 9
Jessica Fay — State House, District 66

*Sara Gideon — State House, District 48
Anne Graham — North Yarmouth Selectboard
*Kimberly Hammill — State House, District 102
Denise Harlow — State House, District 36
Erin Herbig — State House, District 97
*Anna Kellar — State House, District 40
Jennifer Kreckel — Oxford County Probate Judge
Jay McCreight — State House, District 51
Kathleen Meil — State House, District 94
Moira O'Neill — State Senate, District 7
*Lois Reckitt — State House District 31
Kimberly Richards — State House, District 2
Christine Riley — State House, District 74
Diane Russell — State Senate, District 27
Betsy Saltonstall — State House, District 94
Kimberly Sampson — State Senate, District 20
Bettyann Sheats — State House, District 64
Denise Tepler — State House, District 54
*Charlotte Warren — State House, District 84
Maryann White — Gardner City Council At-Large

Emerge Maryland
*Shebra Evans — Montgomery County Board of Education
Cheryl Everman — Dorchester County Board of Education
*Alicia Joynes — Baltimore City Council, District 3
*Shannon Sneed — Baltimore City Council, District 13

Emerge Massachusetts
Gerly Adrien — State House, 28th Middlesex Distrcit
Christine Barber — State House, 34th Middlesex District
Jasmine Beach-Ferrara — Buncombe County Commission
Rebecca Brodie — Middlesex County Sheriff
*Mehreen Butt — City Council, Wakefield
Monica Cannon — State House, 7th Suffolk District
Claire Cronin — State House, 11th Plymouth District
Diana Dizoglio — State House, 14th Essex District

*Eileen Duff — Governor's Council, 5th District
Stephanie Everett — Register of Deeds
Katie Forde — Register of Deeds
Andrea Harrington — State Senate, Berkshire, Hampshire, Franklin, and Hampden
Natalie Higgins — State House, 4th Worcester District
*Diana Hwang — State Senate, 1st Suffolk and Middlesex
Phyllis Jones — State House, 14th Essex District
Jessica Lambert — Falmouth Board of Selectmen
Sheila Lyons — State Senate, Cape and Islands District
*Juana Matias — State House, 16th Essex District
*Kimatra Maxwell — State House, 3rd Worcester District
*Puja Mehta — Brookline Library Trustee
*Lesley Rebecca Phillips — State House, 25th Middlesex District
*Saritin Rizzuto — State House, 9th Essex District
Brianna Sullivan — State House, 1st Essex District
*Marydith Tuitt — State House, 7th Suffolk District
*Moira Walsh — State House, Rhode Island, District 3
Carlotta Williams — State House, 12th Suffolk District

Emerge Michigan
Nicole Bedi — State House, District 40
Sommer Foster— Canton Township Trustee
Julia Pulver — Oakland County Commissioner, District 5
*Helena Scott — State Senate, District 4
Suzanna Shkreli — U.S. Congress, District 8

Emerge Nevada
Shannon Bilbray-Axelrod — State Assembly, District 34
Jennifer Brekhus — Reno City Council, Ward 1
*Irene Bustamante Adams — State Assembly, District 42
Nicole Cannizzaro — State Senate, District 6
Lesley Cohen — State Assembly, District 29
Mallory Levins — Clark County School District Board of Trustees, District A
*Daniele Monroe-Moreno — State Assembly, District 1
Julia Ratti — State Senate, District 13

Ellen Spiegel — State Assembly, District 20
Allison Stephens — Democratic National Committeewoman

Emerge New Jersey
*Brenda Brathwaite — Atlantic County Freeholder
Maureen Byrne — Madison Borough Council
Sadaf Jaffer — Montgomery Township Committee
Lorna Phillipson — US Congress, District 4

*Carol Rizzo — Neptune Municipal Board
Dahlia Vertreese — Hillside Board of Education, President
Sydney Whalley — Spring Lake Borough Council

Emerge New Mexico
*Linda Allison — State Senate, District 40
Debbie Armstrong — State House, District 17
Jennifer Attrep — District Court Judge, 1st Judicial District
Nancy Bearce — Bernalillo County Treasurer
*Guadalupe Cano — State House, District 38
Alicia Edwards — Grant County Commission
Joanne Ferrary — State House, District 37
Natalie Figueroa — State House, District 30
*Stephanie Garcia Richard — State House, District 43
Joy Garratt — State Senate, District 23
Cynthia Hall — Public Regulation Commission
Anna Hamilton — Santa Fe County Commission
Anna Hansen — Santa Fe County Commission
Maggie Hart Stebbins — Bernalillo County Commission
*Kristin Henderson — Los Alamos County Council
*Alexis Jimenez — Sandoval County Commission
*Doreen Johnson — State House, District 5
Denise Lang — State House, District 51
*Idalia Lechuga-Tena — State House, District 21
*Georgene Louis — State House, District 26
*Jacqueline Medina — Criminal Court Judge, 2nd Judicial District
*Diana Murillo-Trujillo — Mayor of Anthony
*Debra Ramirez — District Court Judge, 2nd Judicial District
*Ane Romero — State House, District 15
*Patricia Roybal Caballero — State House, District 13
*Angelica Rubio — State House, District 35
Maria Sanchez-Gagne — District Attorney, 1st Judicial District
Debbie Sarinana — State House, District 21
Amy Sirignan — Criminal Court Judge, 2nd Judicial District
Merrie Lee Soules — US Congress, District 2
Liz Thomson — State House, District 24
Linda Trujillo — State House, District 48
*Julie Vargas — New Mexico Court of Appeals
Karen Whitlock — State House, District 38

Emerge Oregon
Marisha Childs — Multnomah County Commission,District 1
Wanda Davis — State House, District 23
Joelle Davis — Tualatin City Council
Julie Fahey — State House, District 14
Angelene Falconer — Milwaukie City Council
Kathleen George — Tribal Council, Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde
Val Hoyle — Oregon Secretary of State
Alissa Keny-Guyer — Assistant Majority Leader, State House, District 46
Irene Konev — Canby City Council
*Teresa Alonso Leon — State House, District 22
Ann Lininger —Assistant Majority Leader, State House, District 38
Sheri Malstrom — State House, District 27
Sharon Elizabeth Meieran — Multnomah County Commission, District 1
Renate Mengelberg — Oregon City City Council
Sheri Moore — Springfield City Council, Ward 3
Tiffany Partridge — Salem City Council
*Roberta Phillip-Robbins — State House, District 43
Karin Power — State House, District 41
*Amanda Schroeder — Multnomah County Commission, District 4
Claire Syrett — Eugene City Council
Kathleen Taylor — State Senate, District 22
*State Rep. Jessica Vega Pederson — Multnomah County Commission, District 3
Lucy Vinis — Mayor of Eugene
Jennifer Williamson —Majority Leader, State House, District 36

Emerge Pennsylvania
Mary Ellen Balchunis — US Congress, District 7
Carolyn Committa — State House, District 156
Barbarann Keffer — State House, District 163
Elaine Schaefer — State House, District 165
Dianne Corman-Levy — State House, District 168
*Movita Johnson-Harrell — State House, District 190

Emerge Vermont
*Becca Balint — State senate, Windham County District
Jessica Brumsted — State House, Chittenden County District
*Dawn Ellis — State Senate, Chittenden County District
Ashley Hill — State Senate, Washington County District

*Debbie Ingram — State Senate, Chittenden County District
*Kiah Morris — State House, Bennington County District
Carol Ode — State House, Chittenden County District
Corey Raynor — State House, Caledonia County District
*Heidi Remick — Weathersfield School Board
Korrine Rodrigue — State Senate, Rutland
Katherine Sims — State House, Orleans-Lamoille District
Denise Smith — State Senate, Franklin County District

Emerge Virginia
*Angelia Allen — Portsmouth School Board
Freeda Cathcart — Roanoke City Council
*Shonda Harris-Muhammed — Richmond School Board
*Charleta Mason — Lynchburg City Council
Andria McClellan — Norfolk City Council
*Trina McLaughlin — Danville City Council
Sheila Olem — Herndon Town Council
Shelly Simonds — State Senate, District 1; Newport News School Board
*Grace Han Wolf — Herndon Town Council

Emerge Wisconsin
Julie Allen — Lincoln County Board of Supervisors
Mary Arnold — Columbus School Board
*Carousel Andrea Bayrd — Dane County Board of Supervisors
Carol Beals — Grant County Board of Supervisors
Jill Billings — State Assembly, District 95
*Leah Blough — Kenosha County Board
Tammy Bockhorst — Shorewood Village Board
Nanette Bulebosh — State Assembly, District 27
*Marisabel Cabrera — State Assembly, District 9
Virginia Dankmeyer — Clerk, La Crosse County
Jennifer Dye — Dane County Board of Supervisors
*Catherine Emmanuelle — Eau Claire City Council
Vicky Erickson — Mayor of Hudson
Sharon Hampson — La Crosse County Board of Supervisors
Kara Hawes — Rock County Board of Supervisors
Dianne Hesselbein — State Assembly, District 79
Meagan Holman — Milwaukee City Council
Kari Ives — Chippewa County Board of Supervisors
Julie Jansch — Green Bay School Board
*Celestine Jeffreys — Green Bay School Board
Peggy Jerome — La Crosse County Board of Supervisors
Tara Johnson — La Crosse County Board of Supervisors
*LaTonya Johnson — State Senate, District 6
Emily Kenney — Wauwatosa School Board
Mary Kolar — Dane County Board of Supervisors
Kimberly Lawton — District Attorney, Bayfield County
*Chantia Lewis — Milwaukee City Council
*Jackie Moore — Ashland City Council; Ashland School Board
Catherine Myers — Janesville School Board
*Marcelia Nicholson — Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors
Diane Odeen — State Senate, District 10
Melissa Sargent — State Assembly, District 48
Kara Schmidt — Douglas County Register of Deeds
Mary Schuch-Krebs — Kenosha County Clerk
*Wendellyn Stallings — Sussex Village Board
*Shelia Stubbs — Dane County Board of Supervisors
Lisa Subeck — State Assembly, District 78
Nancy Tabaka-Stencil — State Assembly, District 86

*Sequanna Taylor — Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors
Christina Tryggestad — La Crosse County Board of Supervisors
Mary Von Ruden — Sparta City Council; Monroe County Board of Supervisors
Anissa Welch — State Assembly, District 43
Mandy Wright — State Assembly, District 85
Hayley Young — Dane County Board of Supervisors
*JoCasta Zamarripa — State Assembly, District 8

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