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Alumnae In The News

Nov 8 2016

Not one to shy away from litigation, Donald Trump is suing the Clark County, Nevada, Registrar of Voters after a Las Vegas polling station stayed open until 10 P.M. on Friday night, CNN reporter Jim Sciutto first reported on Tuesday. According to the complaint, filed by the Trump campaign on Monday, the polling station stayed open two hours longer than it should have, and the campaign wants all voting machines and ballots involved to be set aside and not counted.

Nov 4 2016

In the concrete-lined rooms and hallways of Boston City Hall, you hear an unusual term thrown around a lot: Madam President.

In particular, it’s used when anyone on the floor rises to address Michelle Wu, the 31-year old president of the Boston City Council. Wu, who first ran for office when she was just 28 years old, conducts herself with a kind of gentle surety given her rarefied place in the council’s history — before her tenure, just two other women had ever held the position.

Nov 4 2016

Elaine Paul Schaefer was in a particularly low spot. The Democrat running for an open Pennsylvania House seat in Delaware County was a month away from the end of a long political campaign when she checked her email on Oct. 4. It was past 10:30 p.m., and a note from a young mother popped into her inbox.

Oct 26 2016

Democrat Suzanna Shkreli continued to make Michigan’s 8th District a race to watch as she received a key endorsement Monday from none other than President Obama. In a statement, Obama hailed Shkreli as the kind of candidate “Michigan families can count on” to advocate for them in Washington.

Oct 26 2016

Here’s the dirty little secret about Massachusetts politics: We’re not as progressive as we think when you look at our track record of electing women.

Take, for example, our own State House, where only a quarter of the legislators are female. We’ve been stuck at that number for more than a decade, putting us in the middle of the pack nationally and last in New England. Vermont’s State House, by comparison, is nearing parity, with women taking up 41 percent of the seats.



Oct 20 2016

I write from the perspective of someone running for re-election for the San Francisco Community College Board. One reason that fewer women run for local offices may be that it is challenging getting people to pay attention to the local races, especially during presidential years. In addition, politics, even in San Francisco, is still very much a “good old boys” club. I’m grateful to Emerge California for proving me the training and network necessary to run in the first place (and for Emerge America for doing such a fantastic job across the country at training Democratic women to run).

Oct 18 2016

PHOENIX — Governor Doug Ducey plans to immediately move forward on a new report from the Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit Task Force containing recommendations to address the unacceptable injustice of untested rape kits in Arizona.

“We’re on our way to testing every evidence kit in the state,” said Senator Katie Hobbs, a member of the Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit Task Force. “As a social worker who has spent the majority of my career working with assault victims, I can personally attest to the importance of making sure we eliminate the backlog of these evidence kits. These recommendations, months of expertise in the making, will go a long way in not only bringing first-time offenders to justice but also shining a light on multiple offenders whose victims will soon get the closure they deserve.”

Oct 11 2016

The Maine AFL-CIO presented the Edie Beaulieu Award for outstanding service to Maine workers to Rep. Erin Herbig, D-Belfast, during the union's recent COPE convention in Auburn. 

Jun 5 2016

Emerge Oregon had a lot to celebrate after Oregon’s primary elections this year. Fourteen of the 18 candidates it backed won their races, including Eugene Mayor-elect Lucy Vinis and Julie Fahey, who is the Democratic nominee for state House District 14 (Eugene/Junction City). Both are political newcomers. A third Emerge almumna, Sheri Moore, is in a runoff for Springfield City Council.

Emerge is a relatively new organization — it began in California in 2002 and now has chapters in 16 states, including Oregon, where it launched in 2008.

May 23 2016

For the first time in nearly 20 years, a black woman has been elected to the Kentucky State Legislature. After winning a three-way Democratic primary and defeating a 34-year incumbent, Attica Scott will bring a decidedly different voice to the Kentucky State House. This mother turned activist turned state representative spoke withGlamour about what inspires her and how she owes her success to the women who fought for her.

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